Sunday, July 31, 2005

Back On The Grid (Or "I Win, Bitch!")

More on NASA's autodarwinatory tendencies
NASA looks into shuttle "debris": Oh yeah, put it in quotes, that'll keep them safe. I swear to God, if they crash on re-entry because of this shite ... Argh. I'll do exactly nothing other than mumble itoldyousos to whoever will listen.

Shuttle almost declared safe for landing: Sure, whatever. I'll believe it when those astronauts walk away from the landing, safe and vertical.


Lady of Mazes: is a fountain of ideas. I mean, the votes, 3340, tech-locks ... wow, that was just so amazingly cool. Karl Schroeder is evidently no neophyte but he's new to me, which is all that counts.
Also, I've said it before and I'll say it again; great minds think like me. Case in point: the true nature of 3340 is pretty much what I had in mind here.

A Place So Foreign: I'm ninety percent sure that Manfred Macx is based on Cory Doctorow. No one else comes close.

Speaking of Accelerando, check out this piece of proto-exoself technology.

This, too, will pass, thinks the bulk of his metacortex. And it drifts off into the net to think deep thoughts elsewhere ...


Last but not least
Incidentally, I stomped Writer's Block into the ground using hitherto unknown techniques. The battle slashed across the heavens, traced in bolts of lightning and witnessed by cloudminds worth of ravens, deep in meditative susurrus. Not only did I assemble a truly brilliant+holistic explanation for chi, magic, psionics and the existence of gods, I also did so in the form of two chapters. I effing rock.

Quote of the Day
"I totally respect my fellow soldiers. It's just that I'm so much more badass than them."

Says it all right there, really.

(From Last Days of FOXHOUND)


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