Friday, July 22, 2005

Feynman ex Machina and more rampant bibliophagy ...


Scardown = not so much a sequel to Hammered as the second half. As in, buy both, tear off Hammered's back cover, do the same to Scardown's front cover and you've got you a single very cool doorstop of a book. Despite Elizabeth Bear's mild denunciation of the Singularity (in the sense that the likes of me define it), she's clearly taking her story there, come Worldwired. Much like Richard K. Morgan in that regard.

On the other hand, she did say she intends to deconstruct the concept quite a bit; the idea being that thinking faster, being a thought-being (heh heh) and being able to self-replicate helterskelter doesn't guarantee transcendence or fundamental superiority. I disagree but I'll wait till I've read Worldwired.

Iron Sunrise: Stross, the Warren Ellis is strong with you (see Idi Amin Dadaist for details). I am consumed with annoyance every time Wednesday appears on-page. This however is eclipsed by the enmity I hold for Y.T. The only way I can reconcile my loathing for the latter with my love for Stephenson's works is to assume she's a parody of something I haven't read. Goddamn all Mary Sues everywhere.

Ahem. Moving on ...

Ilium = roxx0rs! Achilles is teh badass!! Moravecs (and their cousins) 0wnz0rz j00!!

Currently reading:

The Traveller: John Twelve Hawks (who apparently lives Off The Grid) wrote this. I'm only about twenty pages into the thing so I have very little to say. Cover design is pure aesthetic kickassery and the author seems to have a poor opinion of western civilization.

Olympos: sequel to Ilium. Godsex is, heh, godlike, wouldncha know . Best opening line EVAR. More Classics than you can shake a vibrosword at; The Aenid, secret history of The Odyssey, the Tempest and somehow, freakin' Cthulhu.

Loving it though.



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