Wednesday, July 27, 2005

NASA: Groundward Bound ...

First, Hubble went down. I didn't comment. Was I upset? Yes, Hubble pictures have always been a thing of beauty and hope but hey, they're just pictures, right?

That was before I became aware of the insidious snake coiled within ... no, not yet.

Next, when they launched the Solar Sail, I distinctly recall making a comment about the collective deathwish of humanity, seeing as the funding came from a freakin' TV station, not governments working together. Of course it failed.

Fast-forward a month or two, NASA's ready to send up a shuttle again. Weee!! All to the good? Not on your life. You see, by this time I was getting wise to the game behind the game. Still, some unsmashed vestige of hope and optimism remained.

Sure enough, they self-sabotage by launching with a broken fuel gauge. Then, they actually get off the ground launched and the damn thing spills debris, just like two years ago.

And now this.

How long till they scrap the whole space thing altogether? How long before they just give up completely? The coming re-entry accident is likely to be a back-breaking straw. Head down all the way, m&(*#%$%#@ers, eyes to the ground. I've been saying this for a while (not here though); there is a conspiracy or at the very least, an attitude that is driving those in charge away from anything related to space travel, to looking up, to looking out, to in any way exploring infinite untapped potential. No no, sit in your cubicle! Grind away! Drink coffee! Eat muffins! Die.

And all it will cost us is the boundless potential of outer space. Oh and, you know, the lives of a few astronauts. No big deal.


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