Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Sprinklefiction ...

... or "Our Hero discovers a new technique":

- I reach out and grab – my god, grab – one slashing claw. Clench. Bone or something like it crackles in my grip. Quickly-freezing skin limns my hand. The creature howls, incapable of being still, lashing out with every limb, teeth snapping. I just keep at it; snag and break, snag and crush, snag and snap. With the accompaniment of hissy shrieks, it starts to sound almost like music. Aural taste of chicken. On the edges of my sensorium, I can pick out my guys boggling at the scene; I grin and, of course, they get the wrong idea. Can’t blame them though; my teeth - and every other body part - are glowing black.

The Chiang Sh’ih heals the damage as quick as I can do it but its chi supply’s been cut off. I'll bet it wishes it’d gone for my jizamurai when it had the chance. Grass dies pointlessly around the monster's feet. Soon, its healing rate starts to lag behind my osteologist symphony and its cries grow more piteous than feral. Impatient, I grab its neck and ram its face into the earth. Wriggly bastard’s still flopping about so I seize a leg too. Then, with all equanimity, I place a foot gently on its spine – and lift. There’s no need to stop till I hear Kellogg’s. Not even then


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