Friday, June 22, 2007

I just watched the fourth and fifth eps of Infest Wisely. It's lo-fi low-key no-budget scifi, with ideas and smarts behind. Little things that barely got a mention (like the self-heating paper bags from the Chinese restaurant) fascinated my ass.

Funny though: just how well can you seal yourself off from nanotech infestation? Duct-tape for the mouth, plugs for the nose and ears, goggles; yes, of course, but what about your rectum? Hell, what about your pores? Fascinating nonetheless, it’s symbolic as opposed to literal, a sartorial act of rebellion.

And if this isn't a model for post-TV TV shows, I don't know what is.

Watch it. Is good.


Watched an episode of I Spy on Youtube on Monday ("A Cup of Kindness" if you must know). Fascinating stuff; I mean, Bill Cosby as a leanly muscled Rhodes-Scholar-spy with a penchant for languages and the more scientific aspects of tradecraft!? Absolutely no hint of racism or condescension of any sort? Who knew?

A thing of beauty, it is.


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The regulars at the I Spy Forum certainly knew. Stop by and visit us at
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