Saturday, May 12, 2007

HappyNews.Com has been Medusaheaded and deservedly so.

It suddenly occured (well, nothing suddenly occurs to me really but ...) to me that bad news is the only news these days. That Bad News is Good News. It's much like the state of political discourse in the United States today i.e. both sides feel that if you're not toeing the party line - and every line of that, at that - you're automatically the enemy. We'll disregard the fact that I actually have to say "both sides" because that's all there is.

But WHY is this the case? Elementary, my dear Watson, purely elementary. Extremes cannot be opposed without becoming an extremist onself. Consider Women's Rights, Civil Rights, Civil War. You can't fight fire with fire, that just creates more fire. Steam doesn't do much good either. Only *water* can fight fire. Or sand, if you really want to think laterally.

I believe, in the news, they call this phenomenon "polarizing effects". Point is, the "Right" oppose abortion, the "Left" must condone it. The "Right" want more guns, the "Left" want them all melted down and thrown into the sun. In the process, anyone with moderate opinions or who, heaven forfend, thinks abortion is a terrible idea but guns are a blight on humanity -- well, they're just shit out of luck, no?

But enough meta. I was talking about news. Good news, bad news and how people will eat shit if it's all you give them.

In that vein, I went looking for someone or somefolks who didn't believe Bad News = The Only News and sure enough, I found them:

It does a body good.


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