Monday, May 07, 2007

Yep. You're living in the future now. God help ye, my son.

When even battle-hardened Army colonels (of all people!) decide they just can't stand to watch poor mine-clearing robots get blown halfway to hell for the protection and safety of the Human Overlords, you know you're damn well living in the future, flying car or no.

The article goes on to talk about soldiers in the field growing attached to their Predators and camera drones and even granting them promotions and awards :D "This is my rifle/there are many others like it but this one is mine" ain't got shit on that. Is there nothing humans won't anthromorphize? That same hyperactive aphophenia that lead our ancestors to worship the winds and sun and call them gods now leads us to name our Roombas. What really gets my goat about this little glitch in the human machine is that aforementioned robots are still under the control of twitch-gamers back at home base! I mean, what's going to happen when they start becoming more and more autonomous? Neural nets, expert systems, rat brains (emulated or organic); the how doesn't matter as much as the what.

This shit is hot, people. Pay attention.


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