Sunday, June 03, 2007

Ray Bradbury says you morons all got his book wrong. Fahrenheit-451 is not about what all you college professors, graduate students and reviewers thought it was. IN YOUR FACE, college professors, graduate students and reviewers!


Now that's what I call Green.


Best of all, Iain (M.) Banks undergoes some Gentle Questioning on his two upcoming books: one is set in the modern day (written in Banks' M-less persona, starring the heir to a games company) *and* recently released in the UK. The other is set in The Culture universe and, as such, of somewhat greater interest to the likes of me.

Huh. I've mentioned this before, haven't I. To save you the trouble, the only new information is that it's his largest book yet and the title is officially Matter.

Thank you for your time. G'day.


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