Friday, April 06, 2007

"Bored now."

Why have I been neglecting this outpost?

Because I'm lazy and blogger brings out the longwindbag in me. There is no union of opposites in this corpus. One MUST FALL!!

Because I'm lazy and scrabbling around the intarweb2 for links to interesting science and singularity tidbits has lost its charm; I already know these things and what I don't know, will find me.

Because Google's decision to needlessly integrate blogger membership with google membership is annoying and *feels* Orwellian ... even if there's no practical threat I can foresee just yet.

Because Human is a stimulus-response animal and so am I. I get more feedback at other entry points and, what can I say, I'm both vain and a wanker. Mutual congratulation societies OR internet-enabled circle-jerks have an attraction I've decided not to resist.

So. This is my April Post. If there's more, feel free to qualify that with a "First."

Fucking Google.


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