Thursday, February 22, 2007


I am deeply annoyed - no, morally offended that Tired - Transhumanism, Wired - Clowns! is no longer online.

Dear Transhumanists and Scientific Materialists,

If you are reading this please tell everyone you know that we are no longer aligning ourselves with the transhumanist movement. We are looking to create something better. The reason is that transhumanism in its current form has become almost entirely coopted by an exclusive form of scientific materialism and reductionism. Although there are exceptions, and I counted myself among them, the overwhelming thrust is against all things not totally rooted in hard science (i.e discussions of soul, spirituality and mysticism will get you flamed beyond belief). Therefore, the label and movement called 'transhumanism' has become so dominated by those voices, that to further align with that philosophy as I've tried to do with this site, has done nothing but harm to the deeper message here. The overriding drumbeat of Transhumanism has becoming nothing more than tiresome and arrogant attempts to convert everything to materialist descriptions and computational metaphors.

So if you are one of them, please walk away, dismiss us as you would some rambling psychic reading tarot cards. If you are staying because you think you might convince one of us misguided hippies to your way of thinking, we've already walked your path. We've moved on. We're post-transhumanists now.

I had a thoroughly satisfying argument with a couple of psychedelic-futurist New Agers, including Paul Hughes himself (I was of course the Eveee-il Hardcore Scientific Materialist). Why they took it down or, alternatively, why it, of all pages, was the one to fall off the internet, we may never know.

Shoulda saved it to my hard drive when I had the chance.

yes, first thing i did was seek it out on the Wayback Machine. The link is there, but the full permalink isn't; that includes the comments. Dammit all to hell.


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