Sunday, January 28, 2007

Just cut it out, people.

Damaged brain region helps some kick habit

Many heavy smokers quit immediately and permanently when a small structure deep in the brain is damaged, a finding that provides a new lead in the search for smoking-cessation treatments, a study says.

Specifically, a small chunk of brain called the insula.


And then there's this, wherein we discover you can learn skills without actually physically practicing the action. It's quite literally all in your head. (via Ran Prieur).

See? Remo Williams is not bullshit.

Alright, forget I said that. Consider, instead, the implications of this. Your brain can't even tell the difference between a martial arts kata and you fantasizing (hopefully, albeit accurately) about a martial arts kata. This, while hugely exploitable, is not necessarily a bad thing.

The mind, emergent from the brain, can turn around and rearrange the brain, thereby influencing the mind all over again. That would be you exploiting the weaknesses of your brain for your own benefit. Potentially, runaway feedback loop of self-expansion - until you run into the limits of protein cross-connection phase space. Then again, you probably wouldn't so much run into a hard limit as continue to do soft erasures and reboots of existing data, paving it over with transient towers of thought. Castles of air built in beach sand, shifting in the undertow of uncertainty.

Gödel was right ... but we can sneak a little closer to that particular vertex.


Blogger TheUltimateCyn said...

well, FYI - I quit smoking cigarillos after TWENTY-FOUR years, cold turkey, all in the head!
Now, I smell like pure Cyn, instead of cigar-cyn... heehee

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