Wednesday, February 14, 2007

All-Female Peacekeeping Corp Sent to Liberia from India

The group of more than 100 police women from India will stay in Liberia for six months, helping to train the local police force.

They will also carry out security duties in forthcoming local elections.

The UN currently has 15,000 peacekeepers deployed in Liberia, which is struggling to recover after a 14-year civil war.

The unit is made up volunteers drawn from across India and are experienced in battling insurgencies in Kashmir and the north-east.

You know what we've got here right? Real live Fish-Speakers. No surprise India sent them; name another country containing a religion whose goddesses are as badass, hmm? Can't, can you.

(via Hannibal Tabu)


Peer Pressure - an article by John Scalzi about the foremost anti-pirate mercenary squad on the High Seas of teh Intarweb

It doesn't have to be music, actually. You could be trying to pocket Brokeback Mountain for your collection, or just a copy of Microsoft Office for your PC. MediaDefender will declare digital war on you if you are downloading a file that contains intellectual property the company has been paid by a media conglomerate to protect.

Of course, you can try. But while you're trying, those 2,000 computers will be doing their best to jam your efforts with a host of digital head fakes. They'll serve you bogus files with the same name as the song. They'll insert bad code into the file so that when you play it, you'll hear hissing and popping. They'll cause your download client to hang there, trying to access a file that doesn't exist. They'll gang up on you in the file-sharing queue so you're the 2,001st person in line to get the song.

If MD's 2,000 computers are doing their job, your response will be, 'Oh, screw this. I'll just buy it off iTunes.' And you'll pay your 99 cents. MediaDefender, 1; you, zip. MD is the entertainment industry's special forces in the war against file sharing - and here is the creed by which they live.

MediaDefender, huh? I will remember that name. For they are the Enemy.


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