Saturday, April 28, 2007

"Don't Be Evil." Uh-huh.

Just what kind of game is Google playing? They introduce Toolbar, then throw Web History at you. They give you Blogger, then suddenly make it compulsory to sign in using a Google account.

These two events accomplish the exact same goal, dragging your disparate online bits kicking and screaming back under a single thumb. Note, especially in the latter, how every time you sign into Blogger, then open Google in another window, your username/email address is in the top left-hand corner. More importanly, I guarantee you any searches you attempt while this is so will invariably be logged in Google Web History - with or without Toolbar.


Thursday, April 26, 2007

It's Mshindo's World - You're Just Renting Space.

Mshindo Brown has been Medusaheaded. Long fucking overdue, son.
So. All the cool kids on the Intarweb have seen Monty Oum's Haloid by now, yes? Goooooood.

Now please to be going and watching Road Episode 3, also by Monty Oum (montyoum!*). Where Haloid was Matrix/Halo/Star Wars/Devil May Cry/Equilibrium, this is more Advent Children/Street Fighter/MUGEN/Reservoir Dogs with a hint of Trigun**.

(Don't be a bunch of pop culture monads.)

Thank you for your time.

*why? The search keywords, son. I'm search-enginebombing over here!

**EDIT: Oh, and Grand Theft Auto as well. And don't think I missed the Metal Gear Solid reference either. Or the Final Fantasy VII/VIII/etc. And The One too.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Googlism will pick this up in a bit.

Marcelo is worth reading.

It was a horrible, decrepit, bleak house. It had to be; it was where they stashed the old spies, the one who had worked in the unsanctioned ops of agencies identified by gestures instead of acronyms. The men, women, and things who knew too much to be left outside, but also too much to be killed, in the outside chance that their knowledge could become useful some day.

And the day had come. I needed their knowledge. One man's, in particular.

That is all.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

It's like something out of Sun of Suns -- which is glorious by the way ...

Flying Wind Farms

Power generation: If people object to wind farms cluttering up the countryside, one answer might be to put them in the air

So, just as oil companies are drilling deeper and in more remote locations in search of new reserves, pioneer wind-power engineers are looking higher in the sky for new sources of energy. Conventional turbines will not take them there—the highest to date is just over 200 metres tall. So they are trying to invent a whole new technology for harvesting wind: electricity generators that fly.

... Mr Shepard estimates these rigs could produce power for as little as two cents a kilowatt hour. That is cheaper than the three to five cents conventional energy generation costs.

Seriously, how cool is that?

Friday, April 06, 2007

"Bored now."

Why have I been neglecting this outpost?

Because I'm lazy and blogger brings out the longwindbag in me. There is no union of opposites in this corpus. One MUST FALL!!

Because I'm lazy and scrabbling around the intarweb2 for links to interesting science and singularity tidbits has lost its charm; I already know these things and what I don't know, will find me.

Because Google's decision to needlessly integrate blogger membership with google membership is annoying and *feels* Orwellian ... even if there's no practical threat I can foresee just yet.

Because Human is a stimulus-response animal and so am I. I get more feedback at other entry points and, what can I say, I'm both vain and a wanker. Mutual congratulation societies OR internet-enabled circle-jerks have an attraction I've decided not to resist.

So. This is my April Post. If there's more, feel free to qualify that with a "First."

Fucking Google.