Friday, October 21, 2005

More more more!

Via Posthuman Blues:

Best Writing Assignment EVAR! (Or "Tandem Writing is All Fun and Games until Someone Gets Hit by a Lithium Fusion Missile. While Drinking Chamomile Tea.")


Also, in response to another of Mac's posts:

New product could dry up hurricanes instantly

It's worked on rainclouds thus far.

Storm experts in the US have made a cloud vanish from the sky for the first time.

They achieved the feat by sprinkling a water-absorbing powder over the cloud, making it disappear from sight and weather station radar screens. They hope the powder will one day dry up deadly hurricanes and tropical storms

And ...

Each grain of the powder, called Dyn-O-Gel, is capable of absorbing 2000 times its weight in moisture, condensation and rain. Each molecule of powder can hold several molecules of water. The wet powder becomes a gel.

The company's founder appeared on the news yesterday even and gave a demonstration. This stuff seems to work.


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