Sunday, October 09, 2005


i think that's him on the right. could be wrong though.

In the course of assorted Boddhisattva-related research, I came to an awkward but damn near certain solution:

The Buddha is one boring dude.

All that power and knowledge, infinite awareness back and forth through time for millions of kalpa and e doesn't do a damn thing with it. Thankfully for my fictional purposes, I stumbled onto Mahamaudgalyayana. A student of the Buddha, he attained the rank of Arhat i.e. one level (or two, depending on which form of Buddhism to which you subscribe) removed from Buddha emself - within seven days of hooking up with the crew. He also went on to blow right past all the other students, becoming the foremost supernatural practitioner of his day.

Other students of the Buddha were content to regurgitate whatever they were taught by rote. Not him; he was empirically-minded and isht. Maudgalyayana constantly tested the limits of reality and his own impressive powers. For instance, the time he travelled to the farthest edges of the multiverse to see if there was anywhere that the voice of the Buddha couldn't not reach; turns out there isn't. At least, he got to meet some vastly posthuman giants in the process.

Then there was the whole incident with his mother (who, incidentally should have known better than to insult the Buddha - ridiculously powerful, strangely-similar-in-response-to-Old-Testament-God beings are not to be fuxx0r3d with). Maudgalyayana certainly tended to show a lot more kindness and humanity than that ascetic teacher's pet Sariputra.


Long and short: while I don't have the skillz or the knowledge to do him justice yet, I'm going to write a book - or comic or something - starring this dude one day.


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