Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Lighthearted Greeting Children, Sequential Art!

Wednesday October 19 2005 :

X-Men #176 - Wild Kingdom 3 of 4: Laughably stupid, disgustingly bad. Storm was ridiculous, T'Challa was worse, simply awful. It caused me physical pain ...

She-Hulk #1 - ... which was thankfully salved by this lovely lovely gem. I didn't look at the writer's name but it does seem to have the same delightful flavour as the previous series. Also, Jen is no longer anywhere near helpless in her de-Hulked state. Good stuff.

Birds of Prey #87 - The ultimate superhacker showdown - Oracle vs. Calculator. We get insights into the latter's means of upkeep/keep-up - he has a selective serotonin somethingorother habit. Interestingly enough, Owlman does something similar (See: JLA: Earth 2). Seems like villains will always take the easy path (Of course, the heroes tend to have unfair advantages i.e. Batman and Oracle's photographic memories). In other news, Helena was cool, Zinda is dealing with her time-displacement really well but definitely cruising for a breakdown and Oracle is happier than I've ever seen her. Nice touch with Dinah too (See: the Lady Shiva Diet for Budding Ubertacular Martial Artists).

Ultimate Fantastic Four #24: Introducing Momma Storm, who is ridiculously hot (I guess we know what Ultimate Sue is gonna look like about ten years ) and at the same time, deliciously cold.

I'm in love of course.

Speaking of Sue, Millar might be going overboard in making her Reed's intellectual equal - I thought she was a biology whiz, yet he has her building a zero-gravity playpen when she was like seven. That's not right, is it? Oh yeah, and they visit Ultimate Atlantis.

My only beef with this arc is Mark Millar's stupid stupid Zombiecalypse plague. Thor of all people got infected - I mean, he's Thor for crying out loud! And they're seriously gonna regret keeping Zombie Reed in custody - that's just a colossally bad idea.


Last but not least, it appears someone liked the Zombiecalypse a hell of a lot more than I did. Jeez.


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