Wednesday, September 28, 2005

ESA selects targets for asteroid-deflecting mission Don Quijote

ESA PR 41-2005. Based on the recommendations of asteroid experts, ESA has selected two target asteroids for its Near-Earth Object deflecting mission, Don Quijote.

Don Quijote is an asteroid-deflecting mission currently under study by ESA’s Advanced Concepts Team (ACT). Earlier this year the NEO Mission Advisory Panel (NEOMAP), consisting of well-known experts in the field, delivered to ESA a target selection report for Europe’s future asteroid mitigation missions, identifying the relevant criteria for selecting a target and picking up two objects that meet most of those criteria. The asteroids’ temporary designations are 2002 AT4 and 1989 ML

In other words, hit 'em before they hit us. Well, in the event that they try to hit us. Um, I mean, so we'll be ready if they do try to hit us.

Armageddon, this ain't - and won't be.


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