Saturday, August 13, 2005

Zombies, man ...

... and the comics they appear in.

Ultimate Fantastic Four #22: Loved the art, crept me the hell out. That said, there are almost Mandelbrotian complexities of stupidity going on here. Certain Asgardians (you know, gods) and Sorcerers Supreme could not possibly be zombiefied. Why would zombie Reed (who is clearly smarter) need Ultimate Reed to help him build anything? Why would Zombie Sorcerers Supreme be scared of a certain omega-class mutant? Ridiculous all around. Next.

Majestic #8: Aaah, much better. No more Daemonites, all's right with the world. Or not, as certain chickens from the homeworld come to roost. Self-regenerating warmechs that obey conservation of mass? Abnett is apparently a big fan of hard-sf; this, unsurprisingly, pleases me. The return of two characters, at least one of whom was sorely missed. I really hope Halo Corp starts to play some kind of part in this comic, it's really our last link to Wildcats 3.0 and proper Wildstorm continuity in general.

Ultimates Annual #1: "Only two of these made in the whole world, homie, and I have the other one."

Heh. Heh. HeeheehahahahahahHAAAAHAHA!

*wipes eyes*

Ultimate Fury's so cool - in a justifiably paranoid sort of way. Heh.

Fables #40: Saved the best for last over here. Who'd have thought Boy Blue would ever become such a badass? Also, the identity of the Adversary and how e (sic: genderless) came to be ... this arc has been brilliance all around. The Vorpal Sword (of the Jabberwocky's woe) is officially the coolest weapon in the universe.

(If you think I've overused the word "ultimate", you ain't seen nothin' yet)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the "Sirius" comic (for lack of a better term) books. Have about a ton of them! haha
I sure miss you blogbuds... I'll be back to blogging soon.

Cyn (aka: blaumuse)

12:53 PM  

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