Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Time travel continued ...

Hmm, where was I? Oh yes, virtual time machines.

Friday May 6 '05 11:45AM approximately: No, priority (or prioritity, depending of course on your stance on syllabic consistency).

The adult is thinking further and further ahead, making plans, worrying about bills, perhaps saving for er children's future. Sort of an inverse to the "watched pot" rule, where worrying about what comes next makes it come all the faster

Thursday May 5th '05 (1PM 0r th3r3abouts): Ok, Let's talk about Einstein, specifically his layman's explanation of Relativity. Nice as girlfriends and sex and all that good stuff are, we'll keep this PG for the moment. When you're five years old for instance, an hour can seem an eternity. When you're 50, an hour isn't nearly long enough. Relativity?

*Editing as we speak*

(Thursday May 5, 1PM or thereabouts): In a frivolous reapplication of the Stross/Moravec theory of acausal Turing-machines, this post will never be finished and yet always be updated. Not making sense? You're still thinking in the causal paradigm.


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