Saturday, April 30, 2005

Up yours, sleeve.

Finished Altered Carbon last month. Finally tracked down Broken Angels today (Barnes & Noble - for once - managed to be good for something) and started in on it.

Some thoughts:

What if a cortical stack were placed in an animal body, say an octopus for instance? How would this affect the human mind? Substrate vs. software. Probably, only an Envoy could handle it without going hopelessly nuts.

How would a Bene Gesserit handle the Altered Carbonverse?

Envoys are Bene Gesserit-lite.

There’s a pretty strong reductionist argument that humanity is all brain; the rest is just life-support. If you apply that POV to Morgan’s setting, we’ve been out-evolved by the stacks. The human body has been recast as vehicular transportation.

Oh, and the books are both brilliant of course. Transhumanist types will love the multifaceted look at uploading.


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