Sunday, April 27, 2008 - Medusaheaded with extreme prejudice.

This is too good to be true ... isn't it?

I mean, no way this is going to last. Right?


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

You Know, William Gibson totally called this.

A technologically enhanced High Noon on Youtube, wherein the cyborg sheriff does battle with android badmen from beyond the stars.

And then there's:

This spreading, melting, flowing together of what once were distinct and separate media, that’s where I imagine we’re headed. Any linear narrative film, for instance, can serve as the armature for what we would think of as a virtual reality, but which Johnny X, eight-year-old end-point consumer, up the line, thinks of as how he looks at stuff. If he discovers, say, Steve McQueen in The Great Escape, he might idly pause to allow his avatar a freestyle Hong Kong kick-fest with the German guards in the prison camp. Just because he can. Because he’s always been able to. He doesn’t think about these things. He probably doesn’t fully understand that that hasn’t always been possible. He doesn’t know that you weren’t always able to explore the sets virtually, see them from any angle, or that you couldn’t open doors and enter rooms that never actually appeared in the original film.

Or maybe, if his attention span wavers, he’ll opt to experience the film as if shot from the POV of that baseball that McQueen keeps tossing.

William Gibson on Meryl Streep as a chihuahua-headed kung-fu action heroine.

Monday, April 21, 2008

"Hundred and Four: Word Science in Practice."

If one is going to be serious about becoming a Real Writer, it is necessary to actually do the work. As such, I am now and have been for months now, a founding member of Hundred and Four, conceived, administered and edited by Hannibal Tabu. This shit is serious and I intend to treat it as such; my first assignment and those of my colleagues are up as we speak.

I should probably put the words "medusaheaded" in here somewhere for ease of location.

Or tag it, that also works.


Wednesday, April 09, 2008

With Good Reason, I must add.

One Avatar, Many Worlds

An avatar, the image a person uses in a virtual world, is currently bound to the particular world in which it was created. But at the Virtual Worlds Conference 2008 in New York City last week, several companies showcased their efforts to allow people to carry their avatars from one virtual world to another, and even out onto ordinary Web pages. These developments point to a convergence between virtual worlds and social networks.

(via Posthuman Blues)

This right here is Charles Stross would call a Halting State moment.