Monday, October 30, 2006

In his way, every bit as steely-eyed a dreamer as a Watts or a Brunner.

I have long suspected that one of the groups of humans who stand a better chance than most of us at outliving the collapse are homeless people. They are already surviving outside the dominant heirarchical structures. They are the least dependent on those structures of any of us. I'll bet they are already the most adept at the sharing of resources and information that is crucial to navigating the collapse. - Living in a Van, Down By the River, found via Ran Prieur.

Well, whaddaya know, I've been saying the same thing since Katrina.

Finally, the best of all worlds is a peaceful primitive society, with a better day-to-day environment than any industrialized class, but enough people dying before child-bearing age to keep the genes up to date. And if you say dead kids do not equal a good environment, you're confusing quality of life with quantity of life. - Ran Prieur, October 29 2006.

He be damn.


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