Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Future Hi going on hiatus.

Paul Hughes has been posting on issues of transhumanism, technology, spirituality and plain old humanism for the past five years and doing a damn good job of it too. Paul Hughes has news for you -- he is mad as hell and he's not going to take it anymore.
Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you people? Starvation, war, overcrowding, obesity, blinding idiocy, zero-sum capitalism, zero-sum everything -- just die already and make room for some other non-asshole species.

Okay, I'm being facetious. On a more serious note, it's been a delight to absorb his optimism and his concisely intelligent writings on ... well, on just about everything I give a crap about online. Now, he seems to be undergoing a metamorphosis of opinion, tragic for the likes of me*, but the right decision for him. To quote Hannibal Tabu, "Seek solutions." I wish him all the best on his new journey.

*now I'm stuck with Ran Prieur :D


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