Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Greetings Children, Sequential Art!

Daughters of the Dragon #1:

Colors = Udon-style, only better. Art = Khari Evans errs on the side of sexy, in the equation of "sexy but deadly" (or is that "sexy _yet_ deadly"). Other than that, a superlative performance, reminiscent of Wildcats 3.0 #19, very fluid, very kinetic.

Writing = Angels minus Charlie minus Farah. I'm not as deep in Marvel history as I am in DC so the bush-league villains in the main plot thread are completely lost on me. And that guy at the end? Ugh. _I_ could kick his ass, let alone Coleen Wing. As to the first nine pages, argh. Look, everyone know Rhino is a C-lister but come on! Power-wise, he's too big for the takedown method used here. I can think of several ways two hypercompetent non-superhumans could have done it but this wasn't it.

Am I wrong to have enjoyed the Deadly Hands special from last month so much more?

That said, I think this was supposed to be comedic so I'll tolerate it for now.

Ares #1:

- Beautiful cover undone by everything that followed it.

- Marvel Greek gods are assholes. And I thought their DC variants were bad.

- Hades and the forces of his demesne attack Olympus. The gods, transcendent mortals and Hercules all combine to stalemate him. Hercules suggests they call Ares to the disapproval and derision of everyone else ... which proves they are morons to start with.

- I imagine the writer is making some kind of point about the terrible yet necessary nature of war. Whatever. He fails. In any case, Ares comes in, lives up to his name and the other high-schoolers shun him anyway.

- So in response, he leaves Olympus and has a kid on earth. Predictably, things go wrong leading to the ugliest final splash-page in recent memory.


Grant Morrison and Doug Mahnke were both flawless here. That's all I'm saying on the subject.


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