Thursday, January 12, 2006


Ran Prieur, I just spent about two hours burning through your site, assimilating your memes and I've got to say:

I'm very f**king disappointed with your story, Apocalypsopolis.

You see, you started out so well, with your green-anarchy and techno-primitive ideals. You have a hell of a lot of good points, particularly on the medical system (God knows my immune system is definitely not as powerful as it was in Nigeria). You even illustrated your worldview in the form of fiction, something I tend to respect. So far so good.

But why then did you chicken out halfway through the story? Consider: you hit earth with an moderate, concatenated apocalypse. Good. You have characters that survive, adapt and even thrive amid the ruins of western urbanity. Good.

So why throw in the psychic-magic Terrimothy McKleary wankery? You undermined your whole point: survival skills, cooperation, learning to act only in ways that matter, whose results are tangible to you (growing your own food rather than making rivets in a factory) and finding a better more benign humanity therein.

And you almost had me too.


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