Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The memetic DNA of assorted eschatologies ...

... this article on Future Hi has some succulent speculation for your delight and mine. Darwin + Lamarck x Jung = bio-memetic drive, evolutionary teleology. Oh hell yeah.


Our modern prescriptions for the Singularity thus form a significant -- and far more rewarding and technologically correct -- revision of the older eschatological models. These newer prototypes have their template in the earlier visions, however surcharged they may be with the theoretical promises of the mid twenty-first century. But whether seen through the blinders of tribal theism or through the google-eyed wonder of open source technology, the End promised by both the visionaries of yesterday and the futurists of today are one and the same -- a New Heaven and a New Earth.

The fact that there is a Singularity of one type or another expected by every long-lived memetic structure in human history seems to indicate that humankind was hardwired with a ‘Singularity code’ from the start -- that it is an integral product of our forward evolution, an inescapable eventuality designed to fire at a crucial crossroads in the forward advance of our Collective Consciousness.

Paul Evan Hughes, everybody. Give this man a round of applause.


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