Sunday, July 03, 2005

Brief and incoherent rant about recentralization and the iPod ...

... behold the Bose Sound Dock. For use with thine iPod (assuming you haven't boarded a train recently).

Why in the name of all that is good did someone think this was necessary? Isn't the whole point of portable devices to be ... idunno, portable? Or is there something larger at play here? Is The Man trying to keep free peds Down?

In a most geeky discussion I recently engaged in, there was an argument as to whether one would willingly become a superintelligent skyscraper (runaway IA to cut a long story short). The general consensus was no. Now nice in-brain implants on the other hand ... mmm, iiimplaaants ... *glaaaargh*

... ahem. Anyway, why is the iPod, which is rapidly becoming a symbol (however commercial, however shallow) of freedom in today's America, being given a home, a prison, roots? Can't society break away from this "maturity" thing for one lousy second?


Anonymous Hannibal Tabu said...

*Hannibal chuckles*

When people go to jobs, where they have to sit at desks, they wanna hear their music, but also be able to hear their phones and shmucks coming to bother them. Ditto people who have desks at home. That's what the iPod speaker accessory craze is for.

I'm trying to find an accessory that will let me keep my iPod at my side and wirelessly beam the signal to my home stereo, so I can see what I'm playing and all. No luck yet, but I haven't looked very hard.

But you amuse me a great deal. >8^)

9:24 AM  
Blogger TheUltimateCyn said...

haha, had one and sold it...
useless indeed.

12:00 PM  

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